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 Same problems, same thoughts? Are you stuck?  If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be? If that change is within your control, what's preventing you from making it? When you face circumstances that are difficult in your life, how do you respond? Do you have trouble finding your inner peace and structure, your sense of being content and whole?  Do you want to continue to live this way? Or maybe you are ready to shake things up, abandon what's not working, and try new solutions? Imagine: Healing. Choice. Hope.  Perspective.  Acceptance. Balance. Resilience!!!

Change is possible. Whether you are struggling with trauma, addiction, low self-esteem, lack of assertiveness, depression, anxiety, grief, sexual/emotional/ domestic violence, life changes, cultural transitions  or relationship issues, I will work with you with great compassion, guiding you to effectively make changes. Why would you call me? Together we can discover and develop new habits that better serve you in creating the life that you want.


1233 Shelburne Rd, Suite 110, South Burlington, VT 05403


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